Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

04 Nov

 There are two composite materials used in the developed of spray foam insulation.  Combining the two substances triggers a chemical reaction which causes the substances to harden and expand.  By spraying them from the tip of a spray foam gun, the two substances expand over the area to be insulated thus forming a protective insulation layer.  There are two different categories of spray foam insulation.  Apart from being sponsored to touch, open-cell spray foam is denser than closed-cell.  It is; therefore, a good sound dampening option. It is also more affordable as compared to closed-cell spray foam insulation. 

 However, only a few people are feeling to use spray foam insulation products in their homes due to the high costs.  However, people are not aware of the advantages of spray foam insulation, and that is why they tend to overlook the option. In actuality, spray foam insulation is way better than the other methods of insulation.  It is an insulation method that is recommended by most crawl space and attic experts. If you still have doubts about installing a spray foam insulation, you have come to the right place.

 It is effective in energy saving.  There has been an increase in energy costs. There is, therefore, need for better insulation to offer more energy-efficient solutions.  the energy costs of families and businesses that have invested in spray foam insulation I've seen significant reduction because spray full is one of the most powerful insulations. Spray foam insulation offers energy-saving sort of average of close to 50% of which is more than the average savings of the other installation methods which stand at 30%.

 It is much better when it comes to sealing openings.  It is normal for your attic and crawl space to have some holes and cracks.  Air leaks the biggest reasons for high energy bills.  Sealing the holes and cracks in the crawl space is therefore important.  The capability of spray foam insulation to seal the holes and cracks in your attic and crawl space is second to none.  The air impermeability of spray foam insulation is 24 times better than the other insulation methods.

 It is one of the best moisture barriers.  There is more than just a that gets through the holes and cracks in your attic and walls. Water and moisture can also gain access through the cracks and holes if they are not sealed.  Since it is impermeable to water, you do not have to worry about airborne moisture and water from floods, unlike the other insulation materials. Read more about spray foam insulation kits

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